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Welcome to The Madison Method. Our company was created as a new model in the construction and design field to simplify and offer a full service approach to homeowners who are embarking on home improvement projects. Whether you need guidance on paint colors, product decisions or help exploring design ideas to complete reconfiguration of space, we have the skills and expertise in all phases of design and construction.

The Madison Method would like to invite you to explore our website. We have designed it for easy navigation and use by our customers. You can sign up and receive our newsletter with great hints, facts and sharing.  If you would like to reach us in person, feel free to call. We would love to hear from you!

The Madison Method is a new approach to home improvement with the goal of making the journey positive, collaborative and brief as possible in order to achieve a successful design that you can enjoy for years to come. We strive to accomplish this through a series of systems and methods that ensure communication and management throughout the project. In short, we offer a Method through the madness of remodeling.


At The Madison Method, we listen to your needs and desires while offering thoughtful, affordable solutions with a holistic approach.

Past Projects


Our team can design your project, develop the plans and manage the construction…
streamlining the entire process and making life just a bit easier.

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